Launch Your Power by Vanessa Ortali

Launch Your Power

Make an Impact and Step up as a Leader! Master a Millionaire Mindset in Every Area of Your Life (Without the Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm)

No more playing small! Create abundance, break old patterns, say good-bye to the constant hustle, and finally find clarity, peace and freedom within your business, relationships and finances.


Welcome to LAUNCH YOUR POWER! I cannot wait to guide you through this course and watch your life transform. See you on the inside! xo


Working with Vanessa is nothing short of amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge and powerhouse when it comes to mindset and business. I was so skeptical and nervous to invest in a coach, but I knew I couldn't get to places I had never been to before alone. Plus, why figure it out through trial and error when Vanessa could pave the way for me faster! Before working with Vanessa, I was focusing on all the wrong things and endlessly searching for that "missing piece". Vanessa has helped me create a plan to launch my business and step into that CEO mindset which is 100% essential when it comes to business!  If you're looking for a coach - you found her :)
Christina S.
I thought what would bring me "success" would be the typical “business things” - marketing, sales, ads, funnels, etc. I honestly didn’t event believe that I had mental blocks. But... after working with Vanessa, I’m now finally starting to see glimpses of of my "real" self. I am now showing up as someone that I can be proud of. I am happier and more connected than I have ever been. I highly recommend anyone who sees themselves as a multipotentialite to work with Vanessa. If you have a sense that you are made for more and that there is something deeper in you to be and give, Vanessa is the coach for you!
Moe B.

Hey I'm Vanessa!

I'm is an award-winning speaker, coach & entrepreneur. I work with leaders and celebs to expand their business and feeling good while doing it. I have a unique ability to fuse mindset and business, helping you master a millionaire mind and create abundance. With my systems, you'll experience success in half the time and have a lot more fun in the process. I look forward to sharing with you everything I know! See you on the inside! xo